Flying Food Group- FFG

Welcome to the Flying Food Group Products Page. The items below have been purchased by various Flying Food Group facilities and some are custom made to fit their needs. If you like to purchase any of the items below or if you have custom design needs, please email us at We will send you the list of questions we need to quote you.

Hotel Pan Racks

Custom Bin Rack

Airline Galley Transport Storage 16 Bin Rack

Airline Galley Transport Storage 6 Bin Cart

Mixing Bowl Dolly

Plastic BT Tray Dollies

Chill Tray Dolly

ChillPac Dolly

Jumbo Lug Dolly

Aluminum Dolly

Three Shelf Utility Cart

Two Shelf Stainless Steel Utility Cart

Other Suggested product


Aluminum Sheet Pan Racks

Transit Cabinets

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