Bulk Container and Bakery Tray Steel Dollies

Bakery Tray Dolly
Bulk Box Dolly 4844
Bulk Box Dolly 4229

Dollies provide a great way to make your space easy to manage and easily configurable. ELA Enterprises designs a variety of steel dollies.

Steel dollies are a great solution for warehouse environments, dry environments, indoors, where moisture is not an issue.

All steel construction, all welded angle frame with plated casters. Our large bulk box dollies are built to handle loads over 3000 lbs. Regardless of the size, steel dollies are extra durable for transporting heavy loads, ideal for industrial applications.

Our steel dollies have a powder coated finish. Steel dollies are sturdy and are used in a wide range of applications. We produce dollies used with bulk boxes, attached lid containers, bakery trays and a variety of other containers. We offer many standard sizes in the market, but we also offer custom designs (minimum quantities required).