ELA Enterprises, LLC


ELA Enterprises, LLC is a custom manufacturer and distributor of food service and warehouse equipment. We improve mobile efficiencies in commercial kitchens, production facilities, and warehouses– providing cost savings through customization. We assist our customers in designing optimal solutions to their specific applications. We analyze how items are moved in an environment, and help our customers improve productivity and increase efficiency.

Some of the largest Banquet halls and hotels in the world choose ELA Enterprises products. Not only ELA Enterprises designs custom products to fit their needs, we design our equipment with the customer in mind every step of the way. We KNOW our customers cannot afford downtime. When you have thousands of meals to serve, you need equipment that is reliable, dependable  and work day in and day out. Once you buy our products, we guarantee you will not buy other products because you will see the quality and the durability of ELA custom solutions. 

ELA began as a dealer selling material handling equipment in March 2006. Recognizing the need for solutions that were not available, in 2008 we began to produce our own line of dollies and custom containers. With increased demand, we continued to expand our offerings. ELA now offers hundreds of different configurations to the equipment we design, produce and sell. Often our custom solutions become standard items in the industries we service.

We produce our products in 3 locations in California, with our contract manufacturing teams. We service the entire continental United States. Our customers are in hospitality, grocery,utilities, retail, manufacturing, state and federal governments. Our offices are located in Fullerton, California.

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