Standard and Custom Dollies

Dollies allow individuals to move extremely heavy items without the help of a crew. This versatile piece of equipment can be adapted to meet your needs. Larger tasks can be handled by fewer people. Workers can accomplish more and increase productivity without the necessity of adding more employees.

ELA produces thousands of dollies every year, many of them are custom. Call us today to help you design a dolly that meets your needs. or 714-738-0397

Produce Bin Dolly

Tray Dolly

Tray Dolly

Container Dolly

ChillPac Dolly

Aluminum Dollies

Bulk Container Dolly

Steel Dollies

ChillTray Dolly

Plastic Blue Dollies

Aluminum Formed Dolly

Bin Dolly

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Big Box Dolly

Big Box Dolly

Sheet Pan Dolly

Sheet Pan Dolly

Sheet Pan Dolly

Sheet Pan Dolly

Milk Crate Dolly

Glass Tray Dolly

Bowl Dolly

Food Handling Containers


Dollies come in all shapes and sizes. There doesn’t seem to be a “universal term” for the word dolly. In fact, it’s difficult to determine where and when the word originated. Often referred to as a hand truck, cart, roller dolly, 4-wheel dollies, or simply “wheels”, most agree that this is a very important piece of equipment. If you use dollies in your operation, you can appreciate the “heavy lifting” this workhorse provides.