Aluminum Dollies

Chill Tray Dolly (DYJM3027052A-PUP-SS)
Chill Pac Dolly (DYJM221905A-PUP-SS)
Dump Tub Dolly (DYJM4322052A-PUP-SS)
Aluminum GlassTray Dolly

There is a reason some of the largest US food production facilities use ELA aluminum dollies. They know time is money and down time is costly. ELA designs dollies with quality, stability, efficiency and space in mind to give our customers the best solution.

Dollies provide a great way to make your space easy to manage and easily configurable. ELA Enterprises produces dollies in a wide range of sizes.

Aluminum dollies are a great solution for wet environments. They are also ideal if your need to replace casters or wheels over time, as the casters are bolted onto the strong aluminum angle frame. Caster replacement a breeze. Some of our customers have had the same aluminum dollies in use for over a decade. Our dollies are used is some of the harshest environments where washing is frequent and used in refrigeration, freezers and blast chillers on a daily basis.

Because the aluminium frame is a non-rusting material, it is ideal for wide range of environments, particularly food production kitchens and facilities. They are also light to carry and move around. Whether used in a bakery, hotel kitchen, or food production facility, our industrial aluminum dollies are guaranteed to boost efficiency and stand against the abuse of a busy commercial kitchen.