Four Shelf Carts

Room Service utility cart
Closed Shelving Mobile Unit aka Queen Mary
Bar Service Utility Cart

Four shelf carts or other size carts, ELA produces a variety of stainless steel carts to fit different types of use. Our carts are designed for environments where quality and durability are key. We make our carts in the USA to fit our customers needs.


Our carts are used in warehouses, food banquet operations, food production facilities, restaurants and a variety of other application. We make our carts for customers who’s time is valuable and a poorly made cart can mean downtime and loss of revenue.


When you contact ELA, we will walk you through the process of ordering a cart. We will ask for your application, weight capacity needs, whether it is a dry or wet environment. Handles, no handles or two handles, we can make them as you need. We also have designs to help in drainage and easy cleaning. Many of our customers wash down their equipment and need an all around stainless steel solution. We build them for all environments.


Call or email us now for more information. or 714-738-0397