Stainless Steel Sheet Pan Dollies

Stainless Steel Sheet Pan Dolly

Stainless Steel Sheet Pan Dolly with Handle

Double Wide Sheet Pan Dolly with Handle

Sheet Pan Dolly with Side Guards

There is a reason some of the largest hotels in the world use ELA stainless steel dollies.  They know time is money and down time is costly. ELA designs dollies with quality, stability, efficiency and space in mind to give our customers the best solution.

ELA stainless steel sheet pan dollies provide a great way for any food or kitchen operation to keep items stored and away when not in need.  Space is always in high demand.  Storing and transporting bun pans or sheet pans, whatever term you use, these dollies offer one of the best solutions available.

Dollies are a great solution for any operation.  ELA stainless steel dollies are some of the best dollies on the market.  All stainless steel construction, all welded frame and 5×2 industrial plated casters, these dollies are extra durable and heavy duty for transporting heavy trays and containers. Our sleek design and clean finish is non-rusting and works in almost any environment.  All of our standard stainless steel dollies use our heavy duty industrial red casters making these our heaviest duty dolly category offering.

Used for storing, staging, and transporting product, dollies can reduce fatigue and help you do the heavy lifting.  When in need, you simply pull up the loaded sheet pan dollies and use them.  When done with cleaning them, simply stack them and place in storage, out of the way of your employees.  Keeping sheet pans stacked on dollies and out of the way helps create a safer working environment for your employees.  Designed with the floor clearance required helps meet health department regulations.  Whether needed for a bakery, school, or hotel, these pan dollies are guaranteed to boost efficiency and stand tough against the abuse of a busy commercial kitchen.