Aluminum Formed Dolly

Model: DYLW282305A-PUP-SS-ST
Construction: Aluminum formed dolly. One piece design dolly with bolted on casters. Clean and efficient design. Corner holes for easy drainage for washdown in food environments.
Inside Dimensions: L: 28.25” x W: 23.25”
Wheels: Bolted on 5×1.25″ four swivel Stainless Steel casters.
Options: Rigid casters, caster brakes, different size wheels. Also available with zinc casters for less cost and dry environments 

Custom Frame Sizes and Various Casters Available

For custom design, you can use our dolly configurator found at


Stack multiple trays on this 28.25 x 23.25” dolly. This dolly makes it easy to transport within your facility, on and off trucks easily and efficiently. Used for storing and/or staging your finished goods and transporting them. Produced with four (4) 5″ x 1.25″ casters, this dolly takes up little space and can be navigated easily through narrow doorways, hallways and tight storage areas and on and off trucks to be delivered to your customer.


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