Aluminum Chill Tray Dolly

Product Description
Model: DYJM3027052A-PUP-SS
Description: For Bakery Trays and ChillTrays
Construction: 1.5” Aluminum Angle
Overall Dimensions: L29.625” x W26.625” x H7.5”
Inside Dimensions: L29.375” x W26.375”
Wheels: Bolted on 5” x 2” Swivel Casters Custom Frame Sizes and Various Casters Available
Aluminum dollies are a lightweight, easily transportable, long lasting, and sturdy solution for moving bakery trays, totes, hand held and boxed containers. ELA Enterprises can customize dollies to fit your specific needs. Whether you need different casters, different design, different weight capacity, we can make it for you.


Compatible Items

dyjm302703s-pup-ss CT29260922-Buckhorn-ChillTray ChillPac-Aluminum-Dolly-with-5X1.25-casters-DYJM221905A-PUP-SS-1
Dolly with Chill tray Chill Tray ChillPac Dolly


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