Bakery Tray Plastic Dolly

Product Description
Description: Bakery Tray Dolly – Plastic
Outside Dimensions: L28” x W23” x H5.4”
Wheels: Bolted on Swivel 3” Casters
Model Number: BT282305M5
Notes: Used for the BT28220522 and BT28220722 bakery trays

Stack finished baked items on bakery trays (L28″ x W22″) on this plastic blue dolly, to be transported within your facility, and/or on/off trucks, easily and efficiently. This Buckhorn blue dolly, DY282303M5, is used with the BT282205 and BT282207 bakery trays,for storing and/or staging your baked goods and transporting finished product. Produced with four (4) 3″ x 1.25″ casters, this dolly takes up little space and can be navigated easily through narrow doorways, hallways, tight storage areas and on/off trucks to be delivered to your customer.

Compatible Items

BT282207 BT282205
Red Tray Blue Tray


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