Steel Bulk Box Dolly

Product Description
Model: DYJM4229052S-PUP-SS

Construction: 1.5” Steel Angle, powder coated finish
Overall Dimensions: L42.25” x W29.5” x H7.5”
Inside Dimensions: L42” x W29.25”
Wheels: 5” x 2” welded on Swivel Casters
Standard Wheel Configuration: 4 Swivel Casters (SS)

Notes: Used with the BF42292800 Bulk Box Container.

Custom Frame Sizes and Various Casters Available


The DYJM4229 dolly allows you to move the fixed wall bulk box the BF422928 container quickly and easily between work stations, and through out your faciltiy. The dolly frame has a lip that secures the container in place and prevents it from shifting. Used for storing, staging, and transporting product, dollies can reduce fatigue and help you do the heavy lifting. We use heavy duty industrial casters (5″ x 2″) for our bulk box dollies, which makes transporting heavier loads easy to do. The fixed bulk box and its companion dolly help lighten your heavier loads.

Dollies provide a great way to make your space easy to manage and easily configurable. ELA Enterprises designs a variety of dollies. Our steel dollies are traditionally powder coated. They are sturdy and can handle a variety of solutions. We design them for bulk boxes, attached lid containers, bakery trays and a variety of other containers. We have standard designs, but we also offer custom designs helping you design the ideal dolly OR you can design your own by using this tool on our website (minimum quantities required).


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