Fresh Tote Agricultural Harvest Containers


Fresh Tote
External Dimensions: L 24” x W 20” x H 13.3″
Internal Dimensions: L 22.5” x W 18.5” x H 12″
Typical Load : 30-45 lbs


The FreshTote is simply the toughest, most break resistant salad harvest tote available. Reducing tote damage by switching to FreshTote will save money and reduce risk of plastic debris in finished product. The FreshTote’s sturdy construction reduces mechanical damage of salad and the balanced ventilation improves pack-out. The FreshTote was developed in collaboration with a leading salad packer who wanted to create the best tote available and together we did.

  • The toughest reusable tote for the salad industry 
  • Compatible with equipment used in the salad industry 
  • Geometry of the tote eliminates all external ribs. Ribs are where cracks start and dirt gathers 
  • Washes and sanitizes well 
  • Contains 45 lbs of salad 
  • Improved ergonomics – thicker and more comfortable handles, rounded edges, no sharp ribs, smooth interior and exterior, secure and defined interlock between swing bar and container above 
  • Metal detection – our FDA food grade, proprietary, proven blend, allows plastic debris to be detected by most metal detectors used in fresh cut operations. 
  • Smooth underside of base is gentle on overfilled totes and reduces mechanical damage
  • Other colors available, but minimum quantities required

We make custom dollies to fit any of these bins. Visit for more information.


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